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Description of Appearance

  • Length: 4 - 7mm long overall
  • Long thread like antennae, long legs with spines at joints
  • Forewings are shiny golden with no markings. Trailing edge of the wings is strongly fringed. Lifecycle
  • Eggs - are laid amongst fibres and fabrics. These will hatch at above 10°C in 1 - 5 weeks
  • Larva - whitish caterpillars that form silk tunnels, camouflaged with fibres and debris. They leave the tunnels at night to feed and hide during the day. Development takes 2 - 7 months
  • Pupae - inside last larval skin concealed in fabric. These develop from within 2 weeks - 2 months
  • Adults - the female moth is quite sedentary, but the males do fly on occasions. Adults do not feed and are short lived. Habits & Behaviour
  • Attacks particularly textiles and animal products, for example wool, fur, silk, skins, feathers and leather
  • As they avoid the light they are often found in old wardrobes and furniture
  • Can also be found on clothes, carpets, curtains, sofas. Important
  • At one time the common clothes moth was by far the most economically important clothing hose hold pest in Britain, an estimated £12millions worth of damage was caused by this one species alone.
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