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Description / Appearance

  • Worker ants are 3 - 5mm (1/8 to 1/5 ") in length.
  • Queen ants are larger at 12 - 15mm (1/2") long.
  • They are usually dark brown through to black in colour.
  • Jointed antennae, proportionately large head, slim thorax and large abdomen. The black ant has a distinctive waist and can move very rapidly.


  • Egg - Eggs are laid in late spring hatching in early summer.
  • Larva - These remain in the nest and feed on nourishment secreted from the queen.
  • Pupae - Develop less than 2 weeks after the larva have hatched and remain in the nest, guarded by the worker ants.
  • Adults - are typically the ones you see, they build the nest and forage for food. Queens rarely leave the nest, are occasionally winged and can live for several years. Males also have wings.

Habits & Behaviour

  • Worker ants are the ones you typically see, following trails to and from the nest to food supplies. Ants typically seek out sugary and high protein foods.
  • Mating between queens and males occurs typically occurs in late summer. Males then perish.
  • Nest can be spotted by the fine powerdy soil around holes. They are typically outdoors in clear soil or below paving slabs, usually on the sunny side of a building. It is important to identify the nest.
  • If you have seen ant in the past, do not leave food exposed in those areas, either outside in gardens or indoors.
  • Leaving an ant infestation untreated can be a serious problem as ants will swarm and set up other nests in the local area.
  • Small colonies will continue to expand throughout the winter, so don't expect them to just die out.
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How to get rid of ants?
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